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personal training

We all need exercise, that much we are all in agreement with, right? And yet, some people find it difficult to build exercise into their life for whatever reasons. Complete beginners to exercise, the older generation, post operative patients and those who are in a perpetual vicious cycle of hard training followed by long periods of pain and suffering due to injuries may find it problematic to train effectively without incurring (further) damage to their bodies.

There is a desperate need for a different approach to personal training and fitness. It shouldn’t be about achieving the biggest possible changes in the shortest possible time, it should be about affecting a profound and long lasting changes that is sustainable. Instead of asking what is going to happen in the next 6 to 8 weeks, ask this question instead: “Am I going to be able to walk unassisted when I am 80?”

zamri’s pillars of personal training

1) Specificity

Identification of weaknesses SPECIFIC to YOUR muscular system that limit YOUR performance; failure to identify them can lead to ‘perceived’ progress for a short period of time until the body starts to break down and you’re left unable to train and frustrated. Or worst still, continuing to train on a very weak and shaky foundation.

2) Precision

Precise strengthening to eliminate the identified weaknesses creating a strong and sustainable foundation for ANY goals that you want.

3) Respect for the body

Only the right stimulation at the right time will create positive adaptations on the body.


“ Zamri has been training and working on my husband and I for over 7 years now. At first, we went to him as we needed someone to lead and guide us through our progress in physical training and trying to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. While he did this, he also worked with us through some nagging and repetitive injuries sustained by us largely through ignorance and some over-confidence when we trained individually.

These past few years, he has made a huge difference to our health and well being with his additional knowledge of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). Between my husband and myself, he has ironed out kinks, soothed and strengthened sore and injured muscles. He worked his MAT ‘magic’ on us through a frozen shoulder, stiff and sore achilles’, a trapped nerve in a shoulder and numerous niggling minor injuries to feet, calf, lower back and hamstrings muscles.

After not being able to run for nearly a year and a half due to those injuries as well as torn meniscus in both my knees, I now run approx. 5 km twice a week, do Zumba classes twice a week and walk practically everywhere. After not sleeping well for nearly a year due to a nagging ache in my lower back and down the back of my left thigh, Zamri slowly but surely worked that out of my system with MAT and now we’re total converts to his expertise and methods.He just doesn’t give up on either your goals or your injuries!

Can’t recommend him highly enough. But be warned, his methods are not for the irresolute or those looking for a quick fix ”

Hema & Sarang Kulkarni, Clapham

Booking can be made by phoning Zamri using the phone number below or by filling in the form on the contact page.

Phone: 07912 888 998