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sports injury clinic & MAT

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Clinic for Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Chronic Muscle/Joint Pain

Are you fed up of your debilitating back pain? Do you want to get rid of the niggling shoulder pain or the knee pain that has been bothering you for years?

Are you frustrated because of an injury that never seems to go away completely even though you’ve had many different treatments? Is your injury or pain stopping you from achieving your fitness goals or playing your favourite sports?

If any of these sounds familiar, read on, as this may be the answer to alleviating your pain!

What is Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and how is it different?

MAT is a revolutionary new manual therapy technique that identifies inhibited and/or weak muscles and then activates these muscles by re-establishing their connection to the brain. In most cases, these weak or inhibited muscles are the root cause of problems. To compensate, other muscles become tight causing pain and restricted movement.

Traditionally, we treat the tight and painful muscles with stretching, massages and pain killers. With MAT, the weak or inhibited muscles are activated, so that there is no need for the tight muscles to compensate anymore. As the results, pain in the compensating muscles decreases, joints become more stable and normal range of motion restored. In short, MAT treats THE CAUSE (weak or inhibited muscles) rather than THE SYMPTOMS (tight or painful muscles).

Can I expect other benefits from MAT?

Yes – they include:

Correction of muscle imbalances
Improved functional capability of muscles
Marked increase in muscle strength
Increased athletic performance
Prevention and management of arthritic conditions

“ I will be turning 60 in a few months’ time, but since having regular MAT treatments with Zamri, I now enjoy the mobility and strength of a much younger person. Having been a regular at the gym and working with personal trainers, I used to believe I was doing the maximum to maintain a good level of fitness. Now I’ve learnt that due to damage over the years from ballet,skiing,sailing and sedentary job, much of my muscular system was not functioning well or supporting my joints. As a result, like most people of my age, I had aches, pains and weak spots. After 1 year of regular MAT sessions, my body feels well balanced again and strong.

I’ve also found that because of my muscles are functioning properly, it has the unexpected effect of keeping me fit with the minimum of effort. I don’t have to work out at the gym anymore. I only supplement MAT with training sessions with Zamri and daily walking.

At the first consultation, I expressed my fears of developing arthritis in the hips, which both my parents and two sisters had. I was already experiencing pain in those joints. During our weekly sessions, Zamri has focused on the muscle groups supporting my hip joints to ensure they are strong and supportive. Now, if there’s ever any pain, it is simple to identify and rectify the weak muscles causing it. I believe my joints are well protected from deterioration going forward.

Given how few practitioners there are, I feel enormously privileged to have discovered Zamri and MAT. I only wish my family lived close enough to also take advantage of his skills ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sonia Townley, Clapham

I think I can really benefit from MAT, what do I do now?

Book for a FREE consultation and initial assessment by phoning Zamri on 07912 888 998 or by filling in the form on the Contact Page.